Cars for your Christmas stocking

Spoil Yourself – Whether you have had a very good year or maybe an iffy (not so good) year, now is the time to give yourself a bit of TLC. Buy the car you want, nor one that just does its job! Let your heart do the buying.

We have put together a collection of vehicles that are not only highly desirable but also practical and value for money so that you can spoil yourself and feel good about it.
Cars to die for – You only live once. Instead of getting the same old, same old, go for something different. The choice in the market is amazing.

Mazda6 – Family car – This is the car that inherits the place the Valiant, Ford Granada and Chev 4100 used to occupy. Safe, comfortable, spacious family motoring and affordable compared to the competition. The Mazda 6 ticks all the right boxes and for R314 040 you get a lot of car. It’s the same price as the entry level BMW 320 but is the size of a 5 series. Pleasing on the eye and pocket. The 2.5 litre engine puts out 125kW which is almost sporty.

Kia Sorento – Medium SUV – Space with a go anywhere attitude, luxury, performance, and value for money. This car fits in everywhere, brutal in a way, but at the same time elegant. A bit like a Range Rover on a budget. The 2.2 litre 4×4 auto costs R375 995 and comes standard with everything, even a reverse camera which displays in the mirror and park assist. It has loads of little extras which will make you feel special. A superb fully equipped cabin with for example courtesy lights in the doors. Lots of space in the back and the seats fold down.

Subaru Legacy – Sport saloon – Pace and space at a very good price considering the capability and quality of this vehicle. You get twice the car compared to its German competition. We drove the ‘normal’ 2.0i Premium at R299 000 and the very hot turbo intercooled 2.5i GT at R439 000 pushing out 195kW and 350Nm. In comparison the Audi A6 2.0 TFSI costs R412 105 and the 2.8 FSI R509 220. These cars come with a host of luxury items as standard. These include a sunroof, keyless entry, dual climate control, electric seats with two memories and all the electronic driver aids. I found that the normal 2.0i had more than enough power and it feels good to drive. You only buy the GT if you have a real need for speed.

VW Jetta – Compact car – The car with the boot and a very good cabin. A classy compact sedan with great engines and stylish design. It is smart, is a pleasure to drive and is compact but has a feeling of space.  The 1.4 TSI Comfortline DSG which we tested costs R257 680, which is not exactly cheap. Do not be put off by the size of the engine, the turbo more than makes up for its diminutive capacity but retains the good consumption of a smaller block.

Nissan Qashqai – Crossover – The car for you if you want to be a little different, comfortable and enjoy superior hassle free motoring. I loved this car, especially its driving position. You feel like the king of the road. The overall impression is of smoothness, grace and style. We drove the 2.0 Accenta at R289 300. It handles well on all roads and in all conditions. Excellent consumption and performance with good interior space. Superior motoring in an unassuming package.

Citroën DS 3 – Sub compact – The DS 3 is chic, has oodles of flair and is fun to drive. A direct competitor of the Mini, but a much better buy at R200 268 for the base model 1.6 VTi Style. I was disappointed in the normal C3, but the DS 3 is a revelation. You can’t help but smile while driving this little beauty. It is sweet, in the sense that Citroën have got it right, you just gotta love it. Perhaps not the most practical car out there, but who cares. Its zippy, its fun, its DS 3.

In a nutshell, with all these cars you can drive a car that is a little different, offers something more than the rest and not pay more than you perhaps would have. Have fun.

Originally published in Your Business in December.

2 thoughts on “Cars for your Christmas stocking

  1. If I had the money it would be a real toss-up between a Subaru Legacy and a Kia Sorento. Thank you so much for a very interesting read and a very helpful description / comparisons made easy site. Very helpful indeed! Doen so voort…

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