Honda CR-Z Hybrid review

The Honda CR-Z Hybrid is a very special little car. It is little. It is special. In fact its a sporty hybrid and its sweet. As Honda says, “The Honda CR-Z is a unique new car, combining the advantages of a clean, efficient petrol electric hybrid powertrain with a 6-speed manual transmission and a stylish coupe body.”

The CR-Z Hybrid has the 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine coupled to the Honda IMA parallel hybrid system resulting in CO2 emissions of 117g/km and 5.0 L/100km fuel economy in combined mode down to 4.5 on the open road in econo mode. A word of warning. In sport mode she gets thirsty as do all cars that have a bit of go. Speaking of which, top speed is around 200km/h and 0 – 100 is under 10 seconds.

The i-VTEC produces 84kW@ 6 100 and the electric motor another 10 kW. The big difference comes with the torque. The electric motor adds 78Nm to the 145Nm of the petrol engine from 1 000rpm.

It all adds up to loads of fun. Roadholding and driveability is up to the usual Honda standards, with just a little more spice added into the mix.

Standard features include remote central locking, immobiliser, auto locking doors, airbags, ABS, hill start assist and fog lamps all around. It has an autostop function in econo mode. When you stop at a traffic light the petrol engine cuts out. As soon as you engage a gear it kicks in again. It works very smoothly.

The CR-Z has a few little luxuries like a refrigerated glove box, automatic aircon, sports seats, leather trim, daytime running lights and cruise control.

It costs R299 999. Quite a lot of money for a tiny thing. But remember dynamite comes in small packages and the grin factor of this car is huge.

The CR-Z comes with a 3 year/100 000km warranty and a 5 year/ 90 000km service plan. Service intervals are at 15 000km intervals.

3 thoughts on “Honda CR-Z Hybrid review

  1. Great little car, I was lucky enough to drive it. As a hybrid I like the idea (looks sporty). As I am a Honda fan, one can not go wrong! How many times has Honda recalled a vehicle…? Thought so, the least of the bunch. I would buy one in this colour too.

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