Isuzu KB72 250 D-TEQ 4×4 review

Isuzu KB72 250 D-TEQ 4×4 – A double cab bakkie for all seasons. The KB72 is the culmination of the development of the KB series of bakkies. It’s economical, comfortable, very capable and well built.

At R350 400 (which includes accessories like 16” alloy rims, aluminium running boards etc. of R19 000 thrown in) it’s not cheap, but it is value for money compared to the competition. It ticks all the right boxes.

The 2.5 litre turbodiesel will get you to 100km/h after a leisurely 17.7 seconds and will get to it’s top speed of just over 140km/h, but not in a rush. GM claims fuel consumption of 9.3L/100km, but I got just over 11 L/100km. The engine produces 85kW at 3 600 rpm and 280Nm from 1 800 over a wide power band. I took a loaded KB72 over a few mountain passes and on the N2 and can confirm the almost effortless ease with which it performs.

Isuzu KB72 4x4

My wife commented that it was the best bakkie overall that she has travelled in recently, better than the Amarok and the Navarra. I agree with her, bearing in mind that the other two are much bigger. The cabin is not car like, it’s a bakkie, dammit. It is comfortable, ergonomically right and has all the things you want like aircon, power steering, cruise control, sound system and really comfortable seats. The all round visibility is excellent.

I found the KB72 a pleasure to drive. If you need rapid acceleration and higher top speed the KB 300 D-TEQ with its 120kW is highly capable.

The KB bakkies drive better than the Hi-Lux competition especially when unladen and on a gravel road. They are, I think, a better package than the Toyota.

All Isuzu’s come with a 5 year / 120 000 km warranty and a 12 month service plan.

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