Ford Focus review

Ford Focus review

The Ford Cortina was our car for the people in the seventies before Ford’s Sierra took over the role. It may just be that the new Focus takes up  where they left off. It is more than good enough. It has it all. Good looks. Space. Handling. Power. And good value for money.

Good points

I think this new Focus is a real looker. Both the sedan (pictured) and the hatchback are really good looking cars inside and out. The car is in balance. Walk around the car and you won’t find an angle that is out of place or appears clumsy. It all fits together very nicely.

The handling and performance is excellent. The turbo diesel we drove has loads of oomf and happily pushes you back into your seat when you put pedal to metal. Reminded me of the old Basil Green performance Fords, just better round corners. Fuel consumption figures are excellent. Expect around 9 litres per 100 km for the petrol cars and under 7 for the diesels.

Bad points

The light blue indicator hands of the dials are ugly. The instrumentation designer should be sent back to design school. Perhaps he is a little colour blind and just did not see just how ugly it is. You kind of get used to it after a while. In a way it fits in with the rest of the displays.

I did not like the button shift arrangement for changing up and down. Instead of paddles or a gearstick up down arrangement the head of the gear lever has an up and a down button on it. Weird.

In summary

Ford is back, big time, with a car to take on the Golf.

The one to get is the 2.0 TDCi Trend PowerShift at R281 100. With 120 kW and 340Nm of torque you wont look back. We drove and enjoyed the 2.0 Trend PowerShift with 125 kW and 202Nm priced at R264 300.

The Focus range starts at R208 400 for the very efficient 1.6 Ambiente. The 2.0 Sport hatch at R266 200 will appeal to the young at heart.


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