Honda Accord 2.4 i-VTEC Review

Honda Accord

I am a little in love with this car. It does everything well. Honda engineering at its very best. Innovation too. In fact I love it. So I am a little biased.

I think it is perhaps the best car that I have tested, all things considered. If you are in the market for a D segment family size car test drive an Accord before buying any of the Germans. It really is that good. The Honda Accord 2.4 i-VTEC Executive was SA’s 2009 Car of the Year.

The Accord comes with all the goodies as standard. From dual control climate control, park distance control, electrically adjustable seats to automatic wipers and lights. From a safety point of view it has 6 airbags and a host of accident prevention technologies.

Good points

The Accord is supremely balanced and fine tuned. It is a driving instrument.  Build quality is the best that money can buy, so you are unlikely to have problems with this car. The interior is refined and insulated from road noise and will last many years. The ergonomics are in tune with the driver. It has a cockpit not an interior! Seats and steering are fully adjustable.

The roadholding is impressive and handling is sharp and responsive. This is aided by Honda’s Advanced Driver Assist System: collision mitigation braking, lane keeping assist and adaptive cruise control. It is an amazing system. Try it for yourself.

The gearbox is as sharp and smooth as a Santoku knife’s blade. Awesome. The suspension delivers precision handling. The acceleration matches the boosted performances of its competition at well under 8 seconds to 100km/h. The Accord offers a superlative, rewarding driving experience.  

Bad points

I have to admit she is a little thirsty. Having said that, I averaged 8.9 litres per 100 km of mixed driving including at 120km/h on the highway and town driving including 8 floors up in a parking garage. The back seats are a little cramped for a car of this size. The boot is a little odd shaped. There is nothing much wrong with this car.


The Honda Accord stands out as a quality value for money driver’s car. We tested the 2.4 Exclusive automatic at R404 900. Prices range from R305 900 for the 2.0 litre manual to R404 900 for the 2.2 Dtec Executive automatic. Both the 2.4 petrol and the 2.2 diesel can be recommended. Drive them and decide.

Warranty is 100 000km or 3 years, includes 5 year service plan.

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