Hyundai H1 Multicab 2.5 VGTi 6 Seater Diesel 5-spd automatic van review

Hyundai H1 Multicab 2.5 TDi

As Hyundai says: Big on Space. Big on comfort. Big on features.

All the H1 models drive and handle like a car. My wife raves about driving them. She says they are so very easy to drive. Not intimidating at all. The Multicab is a kind of blend of a van and a minibus. Almost a doublecab, on steroids.

There is a solid firmly mounted bulkhead with a large window between the cargo area and the passenger area. The front, or passenger area will seat 5 adults in comfort although the front row can theoretically seat a sixth passenger.

The step and grab handles make it easy to get into and to exit. It has sliding doors on both sides for the rear seats.

The cargo area of 2.5m² has a robust rubbery finish on most surfaces with burglar bars on the windows for added security. Dimensions are 1 585(l) x 1620(w) x 1350(h). Four bicycles fit in the back with ease.

The H1 has airbags upfront, ventilated disc brakes with ABS, EBD and ESC, together with the solid bulkhead ensures  safety is looked after.

I can see why the H1 is enjoying very good sales, and why the Multicab should also do so.

The good

As with all the H1’s we have tested the build quality is excellent. No rattles or squeaks and doors close with a satisfying solid sounding klunk.

The interior has a variety of cup holders, two glove boxes, electric windows, excellent air-conditioner with under seat vents, courtesy lights for the doors and at the back, a good sound system and an easy to use effective sound system which is MP3/USB/Aux/iPod compatible.

Visibility is especially good. The seats are comfortable and the drivers position is highly adjustable. Not only is their a lot of space but there is a feeling of space too. The H1 will be a very good touring vehicle.

The switchgear and controls feel solid and work well, being very intuitive.

The exterior styling is very clean and pleasing to the eye. The H1 looks solidly planted on the road.

The bad

Some interior finishes are a little hard.

The bulkhead cannot be removed quickly to accommodate longer loads so the longest effective length that can be put into the cargo area is about 1.8m.

Driving impression

The H1 drives like a big car. It is easy to park because you can see all 4 corners and the steering is light. The 2.5 diesel engine is both frugal and responsive with 125kW of power and 392Nm of torque at 2 000 giving  a top speed of 180km/h and easy cruising at the legal limit. Hyundai claims a 0 to 100 time of 14.9 seconds and 60 to 100km/h of 8.7 seconds, which is quite nippy. Fuel consumption is around 9.8litre/km in general use, but drops on the open road to 8.

Their is relatively little body roll for a car of this size and height. The brakes work well and are predictable.

Both my wife and I enjoyed driving the H1. Although it is a big vehicle, it is urban friendly.


The H1 Multicab is a winner, waiting to be discovered. It is one of the most practical pleasant cars I have tested. I recommend the diesel version.

The H1 comes with a 5 Year / 150 000 km Manufacturer’s Warranty, 5 year / 90 000 km service plan and 5 Year / 150 000 km roadside assistance.


The automatic diesel model as tested costs R 339 900.00. The petrol model is cheaper at R 279 900.00 and is a manual only.

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