Citroën C4 Aircross review

Citroën C4 Aircross

A few moths ago we wrote about the C4 Aircross when it was released in South Africa. Last week we had the opportunity to drive the 2WD manual version.

In the looks/ style department it is a winner, both inside and out. I just loved it.

Sitting in the driver’s seat (which is very comfortable) almost everything is in the right place . It looks and feels right. Driving around town the car feels almost nippy. It is an excellent town car. The 2.0 petrol engine puts out 110 kW/197 Nm and a combined claimed fuel consumption cycle of 7.7 L/100 km from the five-speed manual or 7.9 L/100 km from the CVT version. I got just under 9 L/100 km.

Driving impressions

In town the Aircross is superb. All the controls are easily to hand and work well. It has a very well mated clutch and gearbox. It is one of those cars which are easy to drive, except for the problem in the niggles section.


There are three dodgy aspects to the Aircross we drove. The computer or trip selector button is hidden behind the steering wheel in a slightly awkward position, but I suppose you will get used to it.

Overtaking on the open road needs a little bit of planning. You may have to change down to third to get any real acceleration if you are at altitude. The engine is willing but not completely up to the task of hauling the Aircross effortlessly across the highveld.

The third niggle is the rear axle. It has a nasty tendency to wheel hop which may be caused by many problems, including excessive unsprung weight, insufficient shock damping, or poor torsional axle control.

When we got the car the rear wheels were inflated to in excess of 3 bar. We deflated to 2.2 bar which improved matters but still a horrible clunking can be heard when cornering and driving over corrugations or uneven road surfaces. Not a car for gravel surfaces.

This is a problem you will possibly get used to after a few weeks and not bother you further.


I personally like the interior. Not too much hard plastic of the grating kind and very pleasant variety in the textures. Well thought out generally. The driving position is very comfortable and the seats are good.

There are all sorts of nooks and crannies to store things. Space inside is satisfactory, from the front to the rear seating with its ample legroom. Luggage space looks fine.


This car just has French flair. It is really attractive with well balanced lines. A joy to behold. The C4 Aircross is related to the Mitsubishi ASX and Peugeot 4008 and is built in Japan.

In summary the C4 Aircross is more style than substance. Looking at the car I was impressed. Diving it unfortunately less so.


2.0i 2WD Attraction R269 900

2.0i 2WD Seduction R294 900

2.0i 2WD Seduction Auto R309 900

2.0i 4WD Exclusive Auto R369 900

All C4’s have a 3 yr/100 000km warranty and  5 yr/100 000km service plan.

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