Citroën DS3 VTi 82 vs Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost

Dynamite comes in small packages

The era of small 3 cylinder turbo boosted petrol engine cars has dawned quite quietly. We test two of them, the luxury orientated Citroën DS3 VTi 82 and the practical Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost Titanium.

In the previous edition of Your Business we discussed the change in the way we have to look at engines (and especially their capacity) with the introduction of new green technologies. Here we look at two cars which demonstrate this perfectly.

Citroen_ds3_frontishCitroën DS3 VTi 82

The DS range is the chic “upmarket” offering from Citroën. As such the DS3 has all the bells and whistles you would expect in a little luxury car, including cruise control, scented air freshener and automated lights. It does not have hill stop control.

I never quite got the hang of the clutch and gears during the week I drove it. The clutch and the brakes take very high. I assume this is for high heels, as the DS3 is very much a ladies car with in the case of the test car a pretty eye candy two tone purple and white colour scheme.

I did not like the cruise controls and remote audio control hidden behind the wheel. The car has no headroom.

Some of the fit and finish seemed to be decidedly economic. The handles for the seats are flimsy.

Space at the back is suitable only for pre-teens. It is also a mission to get in and out of the back.

The engine is more than adequate with 60kW and 118Nm at 2750rpm.

Fuel consumption is claimed to be 4.5litre /100km, but I only managed 6.5litre /100km.

Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost TitaniumFord-Fiesta_tight-frontish

The overall impression of the Fiesta is solid. Build quality appears to be very good. The cabin is pleasant, has good space, headroom, practical cup and other holders and the ergonomics are very good. Aircon works well and the front seats should be adjustable for any size.

The gears, clutch, brakes and steering are all well set up and work as expected.

I particularly liked the hill stop control.

Interestingly the engine switches off when in neutral (at a red traffic light for example) and switches on the moment you press the clutch.

When the turbo kicks in she pulls better than the 1.4 engine it replaces. It’s a joy to drive.

The engine produces 92kW and 170Nm between 1400 and 4500rpm. Thats pretty decent.

Claimed fuel consumption is 4.3litres /100km. I got 6.6litre / 100km.

A little expensive, but if you want to go green, a really good option.


Citroën DS3 VTi82 costs R199 900  – 3yr 100 000 warranty, 4yr 60 000km service plan

Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost costs R231 500 – 4yr 120 000km warranty, 4yr 60 000km service plan

I prefer the Fiesta. To me it is the better car. Smoother gears, better clutch and excellent road manners. It also has more space and feels solid. The Ecoboost engine also packs a punch.

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