Feisty Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost Titanium review

Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost Titanium

Ford-Fiesta_tight-frontishThe overall impression of the new facelifted Ecoboost engined Fiesta is solid. Build quality appears to be very good and perceived cabin quality is high.

The cabin is pleasant, has good space, headroom, practical cup and other holders and the ergonomics are very good. Aircon works well and the front seats should be adjustable for any size.

The gears, clutch, brakes and steering are all well set up and work as expected. Acceleration is surprising. This Ecoboost engine has loads of go.

I particularly liked the hill stop control.



There are some who do not like the new nose. I think you will get used to it quickly.

The other lines are pleasing. The general impression is of cohesiveness. I think it won’t date too quickly.


The cabin of the Fiesta is practical and pleasant. There are enough softer surfaces to counter the hard plastics.

The seats feel firm, give good support and are quite adjustable, as is the steering wheel.

All the controls are easy to use and are easy to find.

A variety of storage spaces are provided.

The sound system and info systems work well and are simple to use.

Driving impressions

This one litre turbo petrol three cylinder engine is a joy. I heard a comment that it sounds like a sewing machine. Maybe, but it goes like a bat out of hell. I quite enjoy the sound of the three cylinder motor at full song.

Interestingly the engine switches off when in neutral (at a red traffic light for example) and switches on the moment you press the clutch.

When the turbo kicks in she pulls better than the 1.4 engine it replaces, mostly matching or beating its 1.6 normally aspirated sisters. It’s a joy to drive. The steering and handling are to my mind the best in this segment.

The brakes are very good and behaviour on the road is excellent.

The engine produces 92kW and 170Nm between 1400 and 4500rpm. Thats pretty decent.

Claimed fuel consumption is 4.3litres /100km. I got 6.5litre /100km, perhaps because it is such a spirited car to drive. The testers over at Car magazine got it down to 5.6litres/100km.

Its fun to drive.


My biggest niggle is the price. Other than the lack of cruise control the Fiesta does not have any major negatives.


A little expensive, but if you want to go green, a really good option.

Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost costs R231 500 –

4yr 120 000km warranty, 4yr 60 000km service plan

I really liked the Fiesta. To me it is a great little car. Smooth gears, good clutch and excellent road manners.

It also has good interior space and feels solid. The Ecoboost engine also packs a mighty punch.

It’s just a pity about the price. I think it is a little steep.

The competition comes in at R218 900 for the Suzuki Swift, R203 600 for the VW Polo 1.6 (excl extras), the  Kia Rio 1.4Tec at R177 995 and the Toyota Yaris at R206 900.

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