Smarphone apps for you car

Car related apps for your smartphone

aCar - An app to manage your car expenses

aCar – An app to manage your car expenses


There are many apps available for your Android smartphone which will make operating and managing your vehicles easier and especially manage or know your car costs.

The AA has recently released an app they cal Rescue Service. Its free and very simple.

You load it onto your phone and leave it. If you get into an accident or stuck next to the road you just push a big red button and it sends a message with your position to the person you nominated when you registered.

Another very simple and easy to use app is called aCar. You use it to record your fuel fill ups, services, other expenses and trips. You can customise it to your needs. You can build in reminders for services or whatever. It can produce statistics and reports.

It is also free and available at the Android app store. It is like a logbook but it allows you to see your costs over time for example.

There are several other management apps  including FuelLog, Carango and My Cars.

The AA Rescue app

The AA Rescue app

There are also tracking apps which are based on the phone’s GPS. These apps will only work if your phone has GPS. Examples include Way GPS Phone Tracking, Track Location and apps which work with your existing Google maps app.

These apps allow you to look at the route your driver used and even check on progress during the day.

The Samsung store has Car GPS & Mileage Log Tracker and one I like called GPS Tracker which allows you to track a phone online in real time.

There are also apps for iPhone and Windows8.

Ask your friends what they are using and try several out till you find one you like. Look around on the app stores. There is a lot of rubbish, but some gems make it worthwhile.

Another very useful app, but not car related, is Evernote. Its a shopping list, to do list and general Leatherman like tool for your phone and laptop. It automatically links and syncs between your laptop and phone.

You will need a smartphone. The better apps will also work on and with tablet computers and laptops.

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