BMW 220d Tourer review

BMW-220-Tourer-112_noseBMW 220d Tourer

I really liked this Beemer. It is not as spacious as some medium MPV’s (or station wagons if you are an old timer) but has more usable space than its ‘bigger’ sister the 3 Series cars.

The Tourer has a good practical boot. If you like an X3 but don’t go off tar and don’t like the X3 price tag you will be very happy. Think of it as an X3 without the bling. Think of it too as a smaller BMW with space, especially in the boot.

BMW 220 Tourer

BMW 220 Tourer

The Tourer has the typical BMW interior, it’s very smart and really well finished. I liked the seats which adjust easily to give a good driving position and have a near perfect seat height to easily get in and out.

The cabin is a little tight as in all smaller BMW’s with just enough room for the driver, and very little space for your feet.

The air conditioner is a full manual unit. No climate control here. It does not quite fit with the rest of the car or the asking price.

This front wheel drive BMW has a very smooth gearbox and good handling albeit very different to traditional cars from Munich.

BMW-220-Tourer-064I like the looks but some did not. Take the BMW badge off and you may not think it is a BMW from the outside. It is less quirky than some of its siblings.

The 2 Series is much more practical and good looking than the very pricey  BMW 1 series, to my mind.

There are three trim levels you can choose from to ‘dolly up’ your car. Sport, Luxury and MSport.

Expect good fuel consumption on all the models and around 6 litres/ 100km for the diesels.

The BMW 2 Series Tourer is in my opinion better value than its 3 Series sisters and has more usable space. It is a bit pricey though when you add in the extras.

The competition includes the Opel Meriva, Mercedes B Series, VW Golf  SV and the Citroën C4 Picasso amongst others.

The model we tested, the 220d, costs R446 500 without the extras.  The range starts at R378 000 with the 1.5 manual. Get the full specsheet and pricelist here.

Standard model 218i 220i 220d 225i
Six-speed Manual R378 000 R401 000 R428 500
Automatic Transmission Steptronic (6-speed for 218i, 8-speed for 220i, 220d and 225i) R396 00 R419 000 R446 500 R447 000
Sport Line
Six-speed Manual R395 300 R418 300 R445 800
Automatic Transmission Steptronic (6-speed for 218i, 8-speed for 220i, 220d and 225i) R413 900 R436 300 R463 800 R464 300
Luxury Line
Six-speed Line R403 900 R426 900 R454 400
Automatic Transmission Steptronic (6-speed for 218i, 8-speed for 220i, 220d and 225i) R421 900 R444 900 R472 400 R472 900

The maintenance plan is 5 years or 100 000km.

BMW 220d Tourer

BMW 220d Tourer

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