Mazda MX-5 2.0L Roadster Coupe STP review

Mazda MX-5 2.0L Roadster Coupe STP

It’s not practical.

Who cares, with the roof down, sun shining, the road open and you are piloting a MX 5 Miata. mazda_mx5_thumbMotoring bliss. Officially its just an MX-5, but I love the Miata moniker; forgive me.

It is a mobile grin generator. You can’t help it.

But does it have a boot?

Well sort of. If you only have a tog bag and a laptop, no worries. Its big enough for a two basket shopping trip. Who needs more? The MX 5 will never pass any pram test, but you could fit one large pack of disposable nappies, but nothing else, in the boot.

If you and your paramour went on a romantic weekend breakaway you would have enough space, just pack sparingly.

Is it very fast?

No, not super fast. On paper 216km/h and 0 to 100 in 7.6 seconds. But its more about how you get there. It feels fast and sure. It sits on the road, with a light touch. I found my self tootling along at a ton quite happily and enjoying the slow lane quite often. The thing is, if you want push on, you can go for it and enjoy that side of this little devil as well. As TopGear said: “A complete sweetie of a roadster… It dances along difficult roads.

Mazda MX5

Mazda MX5

The suspension is set up for overall driving so may be a little soft for outright cornering performance but I like the compromise. It just soaks up bumps and rough spots. Speed bumps don’t worry it at all.

The MX-5 has very good brakes.

Is it noisy?

TopCar says of the MX-5: “It’s got a decent noise to it, zingy and bubbly all at once, none of that active exhaust or dashboard acoustical nonsense here.” I just say it sounds sporty and growly when it should and otherwise just purrs. Perfect.

What, no turbo?

No turbo. Just the smoothest, willingest 2.0 litre four cylinder petrol engine coupled to a slinky short throw 6-speed gearbox and a brilliant clutch which when coupled to a light body of around a ton gives a stunning power to weight ratio. The power output is 118 Kw @ 6000 rpm and max torque is 200 Nm @ 4600 rpm.

Is there space in the cabin?mazda_mx5_dash

What for? Its got two very comfortable seats, a place for your phone and a small cubby between the seats. Oh, and two cup holders. But beware, an almost empty cup can be sucked out of the holder when at full song.

The interior is smart and practical and appears to be well put together, as with all of today’s Mazdas. The heated seats are great, especially with the top down. The steering wheel is highly adjustable and is a comfortable size. There is not a lot of foot space for the driver but the pedals are well set up even if you want to heel-and-toe.

mazdfa_mx5_roof-foldingThe MX-5 is very well equipped with 203 watt Bose audio system, cruise control, a very good air-conditioner, heated leather seats, 7-inch touchscreen (MZD connect), Bluetooth and heated mirrors.

I just loved the fold away canvas roof which takes about 30 seconds to stow or to raise, using one hand and one locking lever.

What else?

Equipment fitted as standard includes automatic LED headlights, daytime running lights, rain-sensing windshield wipers, hill hold and idle stop, limited slip differential, as well as all the normal safety tools. In other words  the car is fully equipped straight out of the box.


A word of warning. There is no spare wheel. Instead they give you a full tyre repair kit with a compressor.


I got a second opinion from my wife in case you thought I was perhaps too emotional about this little motoring gem.

To say compact or small is a severe understatement, so is the word “cute”.
A midnight trip with the roof down and the seat heater on is Sooo incredibly nice it feels totally illegal, actually each and every trip is a mmm (memory making moment)!
Smooth gearbox, very agile, clinging to the road together with an extremely good brake- and sound system is awesome beyond.
I must admit that being so low scares me a bit when changing lanes and there are big delivery vans and buses to take into account. It cannot be easy to see such a little car in your rear or side mirror. It is also quite a scary feeling that you will not stand a good chance of walking away from an accident unscathed. Aluminium is lightweight etc but it feels a bit flimsy when you stop next to something like an Amarok! Even so…..eye candy with illuminated LED eyeliner, super sexy…I really enjoyed this adorable little funmaker…oh yesss!!!


Mazda claim a combined fuel consumption of 6.7 litres per 100km, I got 6.9L/100km, including some spirited driving, so as far as sports cars go its amazingly frugal.

The Mazda MX-5 must be one of the best toys you can get yourself. Midlife crisis? Nah. Life in a Miata is just too much fun.

Suggested retail of the MX-5 2.0L Roadster Coupe STP is R441,779. For the moment you only get to choose the colour. Simple.


In the second quarter of 2017 a folding hard top or targa model called the Mazda MX-5 Retractable Fastback, will be launched locally with a choice of automatic or manual gearboxes.

The Mazda MX-5  won the 2016 World Car of the Year award and the World Car Design of the Year, the first time one car has won both awards since the wards were established in 2004.

Price includes a 3-year unlimited km warranty, 3-year service plan, 5-year Corrosion Warranty and 3-year roadside assistance.

There is no real direct competitor to the MX-5 on our roads, but also look at the Toyota 86 (R474 200), Audi TT (R602 000), BMW Z4 (R612 945), BMW 2 220i (R465 554) and VW Golf Cabriolet 1.4 Tsi (R391 800)

Naamsa vehicle sales data for November

Naamsa vehicle sales data for November

Wesbank’s take on November sales. The graphic tells the story.

Locally manufactured vehicles continue to top sales charts. Year-to-date sales indicate that the most popular vehicles are volume sellers from mainstream brands, while the five top-selling vehicles for the year are all built in South Africa.

Ford really struck a chord with SA consumers when they introduced the automatic 2.2 bakkie range. Ranger outselling HiLux by 1 200 units.

Naamsa November vehicle sales

Naamsa November vehicle sales