Honda Accord 3.5V6 Exclusive review

Honda Accord 3.5V6 Exclusive

Honda-Accord-V6-009--thumbThis car feels sooo good to drive. You can be cruising along placidly at 110km/h wafting pleasantly to your destination, but when you decide to get going the V6 snarls, you are shoved firmly into the seat and you leave the traffic in your dust. Lovely stuff.

Not only does it perform exactly as required but she looks stunning. I can’t tell you the number of times I saw people stop and stare, and then smile. There are some who complain that this new Accord is too American, but I think Honda was right to bring in the slightly bigger US version to replace the previous European model.

The Civic has grown substantially and easily takes on the 3 series BMW so the Accord has to match the 5 series, E-class executive sedans from Germany.

Honda Accord 3.5 V6

Honda Accord 3.5 V6

The Accord will now compete at the top end of the mid-size executive segment says Graham Eagle, of Honda.

Honda-Accord-V6-176-seatsI agree. I found it very roomy, with serious leg room at the back and a huge, deep boot. You could easily fit 5 golfers in the cabin and their golf bags in the boot.

The front seats are 8-way electrically adjustable and very comfortable. There are two memory settings for the driver’s seat.

For longer items a porthole above the rear centre armrest (which has cup holders) opens to the boot.

The steering wheel is a joy to use. On the right are the cruise control, braking distance and lane monitor controls. On the left audio, bluetooth, telephone and menu controls.

While the Accord will waft you along cocooned in comfort and safety it is fun to drive in the Honda tradition. Performance and handling is superb, not to mention exemplary raodholding. This remains very much a driver’s car but without the harshness (sportiness) of some of its Teutonic competitors.

Honda-Accord-V6-171-camviewI loved the left side blind spot camera. When you turn left, or indicate left a camera built into the left-hand mirror shows you what is happening on that side of the car in the multifunction screen. The display includes graduated lines which help you judge the distance and speed of the car in the left lane.

One of the many extra little touches is a sun screen for the rear window which you can raise and lower with the push of a button.

The active safety features included as standard on this car are astounding. From the now mundane ABS brakes to adaptive cruise control, motion adaptive power steering, lane keeping, automatic wipers and headlights and so on, fifteen of them in fact.

These exclude the passive safety measures like six airbags, fancy seatbelts, active head restraints and so forth.

With 207kW and 339Nm on tap and a max of 200km/h do not expect awesome fuel consumption figures. You will however get a not too bad 9 litres / 100km in general use and around 7L/100km on the highway. Its a V6…  the sound and the acceleration is worth the small premium at the pump. I got 8.1 litres/ 100km on my usual route, which includes town, highway and a ten storey parking garage, which is good for this size car.

Honda-Accord-V6-030--sidePrice as tested R576 300. The range starts with the very competent 2.0 Elegance R408 400 and includes the 2.4 Executive at R471 300.

The Accord comes with everything but the software for the GPS installed. Standard features include headlamp washer, sunroof, automated headlights and wipers, rear view camera, lane watch camera, tyre deflation warning, LED day running lights, adaptive cruise control as well as climate control, and a good sound system with USB and aux connection points.

My wife says the German “Mercedesy” look on the outside with an American look on the inside might seem strange at first glance, but the layout of the control area is clean, clear and very practical. So…ignore the fake walnut not-so-nice finishing touches on the dash and rather keep your eye on the road and the admiring smiles of passers-by.

The Germans have a way of fooling the public concerning price. The V6 Honda Accord is  R25 000 cheaper than a BMW520i. Performance wise, it competes with the R80 000 more expensive 528i.

The Accord has as standard “extras” which will cost about R120 000 on a German car. Remember when it is time to trade-in, the price is based on the standard list price.

Honda-Accord-147-instrSo the equivalent (with goodies included) Audi, BMW or Merc costs between R150 000 and R200 000 more than the Accord. Making the Accord a bargain. Add to this the knowledge the Accord is probably better built and it becomes a no-brainer.

The Mercedes E250 is R673 000 without extras but offers fuel consumption around 8L/100km which is almost 1 litre/100km better.

BMW 5 series 528i is R723 000 without extras, also around 8L/100km.

Audi 2.0T A6 is R581 ooo excluding most extras and is a 4 cylinder.

No wonder this car was a 2015 SAGMJ COTY finalist.

In a nutshell the Honda Accord 3.5 V6 is great value, spacious and worry-free luxury transport.

The warranty is for 3 years or 100 000km and you get a service plan for 5 years or 100 000km included in the price.






Honda Accord 2.4 i-VTEC Review

Honda Accord

I am a little in love with this car. It does everything well. Honda engineering at its very best. Innovation too. In fact I love it. So I am a little biased.

I think it is perhaps the best car that I have tested, all things considered. If you are in the market for a D segment family size car test drive an Accord before buying any of the Germans. It really is that good. The Honda Accord 2.4 i-VTEC Executive was SA’s 2009 Car of the Year.

The Accord comes with all the goodies as standard. From dual control climate control, park distance control, electrically adjustable seats to automatic wipers and lights. From a safety point of view it has 6 airbags and a host of accident prevention technologies.

Good points

The Accord is supremely balanced and fine tuned. It is a driving instrument.  Build quality is the best that money can buy, so you are unlikely to have problems with this car. The interior is refined and insulated from road noise and will last many years. The ergonomics are in tune with the driver. It has a cockpit not an interior! Seats and steering are fully adjustable.

The roadholding is impressive and handling is sharp and responsive. This is aided by Honda’s Advanced Driver Assist System: collision mitigation braking, lane keeping assist and adaptive cruise control. It is an amazing system. Try it for yourself.

The gearbox is as sharp and smooth as a Santoku knife’s blade. Awesome. The suspension delivers precision handling. The acceleration matches the boosted performances of its competition at well under 8 seconds to 100km/h. The Accord offers a superlative, rewarding driving experience.  

Bad points

I have to admit she is a little thirsty. Having said that, I averaged 8.9 litres per 100 km of mixed driving including at 120km/h on the highway and town driving including 8 floors up in a parking garage. The back seats are a little cramped for a car of this size. The boot is a little odd shaped. There is nothing much wrong with this car.


The Honda Accord stands out as a quality value for money driver’s car. We tested the 2.4 Exclusive automatic at R404 900. Prices range from R305 900 for the 2.0 litre manual to R404 900 for the 2.2 Dtec Executive automatic. Both the 2.4 petrol and the 2.2 diesel can be recommended. Drive them and decide.

Warranty is 100 000km or 3 years, includes 5 year service plan.